Should Video Games Be Considered A Sport - Pros and Cons

Should Video Games Be Considered a Sport or a Simple Entertainment

Is Video Gaming a Sport or a Fever of The XXI Century?  

The speed of development of the modern world is incredible. Every day we can observe improvements and innovations in technology and apps. People devote time to the virtual world more and more every day, and video games are in high demand. It creates favorable conditions for the development and emergence of new online games. But people do not stop asking "Can we consider video games as sports?" It is complicated to give the right answer. 

A Shaky Position of Video Games As Sports. To Be or Not To Be - That Is a Question 

It is surprising that Russia is the first country to recognize esports as an official sport. However, despite this fact, the discussions around this topic do not subside, and the opinions have been divided.

Many people believe that video games have a negative effect on the nation, while others note the benefits of this entertainment. But are video games a sport?

Video Games Should Be Considered a Sport: For and Against

If you are going to write should video games be considered a sport essay, you need to present arguments. They will confirm your positive or negative attitude toward this topic. 

We have made two lists of advantages and drawbacks of video games, that will help you to write an essay

Supporting Arguments

The goal is a victory. In eSports, as in any sport, there is a competition between people or teams. For example, in football, this happens on the soccer field, but in video games in the virtual world. And in this case, everything is a little more complicated, because you need to have a modern and up-to-date computer. 

The same game structure. Let’s look again at the analogy of football and online game as the League of Legends. We observe teams competing in these two games. The main goal is to defeat the enemy. In football, the team needs to kick a ball into the opponent’s goal, and the aim of the League of Legends is to destroy the enemy base.

In these two games, teams should develop their strategy and game tactics, find out tricks and secrets to achieve victory. Most of the time for this process is allocated in online games because the coordinated actions of the players and the right tactics are the key to success.

A good player needs to know all the game characters and understand their features. Perhaps the football player should know which sneakers are better or what clothes are of high quality. But in online games, knowledge of game inventory should be much deeper! You need to understand what game items are appropriate for your character and what benefits you will get. Besides, the set of game items may vary depending on the composition of the game characters in the enemy team.

Professional cyber athletes who play at the world level should practice sport every day. They have to go to the gym for more than an hour, and this is in addition to long training in online games! As we know, sports help to get the head straight and concentrate better on their online matches. It can only be achieved with regular physical exercise.

Arguments Against 

There are no required physical activities in eSports. Most do not take online games seriously or are very skeptical about them. Besides, many believe that online games can not be compared in complexity with real sports and their serious physical activities. 

Online games can be psychologically destructive. Some games promote violence and cruelty instead of peace and harmony. You need to kill and destroy in order to win. For example, in some online games, when you kill a character, you will see blood on the screen. Although it happens in a virtual world, it has a negative effect on humans' mental health.  

Video games can deform the perception of reality. If regular exercises help to develop your personality and gain mental health balance, then the excessive use of online games damages it. When a person spends too much time in the virtual world, this new reality distorts consciousness. Besides, many players are faced with psychological problems and begin to distance themselves from family, friends, and the only joy in their lives is online games. 

How To Write A Quality Argumentative Essay: A Professional Advice 

After reading the article, you probably have enough arguments to explain should esports be considered a sport or not. But before you start working on a written assignment, check out the tips below for writing an essay from 

Look through the information about argumentative essays. Read essay writing tips and examples, and also pay attention to structure. Sometimes it is not enough to present your arguments; you need to follow the structure of the writing assignments for a high grade. 

Find more information and complete your essay with examples, statistics, and facts. You can also present the history of esport for a better understanding of this topic.

Write objectively and avoid subjective judgments. In the first paragraph, you need to present your point of view, and then confirm it with real facts. Do not lie or distort information in your argumentative essay. 

Make an analogy. Compare real sports and virtual games. Sometimes, you can prove your point of view only through examples. 

Conduct in-depth research into game tactics and include this information in your writing paper. People often perceive video games as just fun or a waste of time, and most likely your professor is not an exception. Having presented this information in your essay, it can make a person take it more seriously. 

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