College Research Paper Topics Ideas

College Research Paper Topics Ideas [2023 Update]

Studying in a college involves writing lots of papers on different disciplines. A research paper is widely regarded as one of the most important pieces of work as it includes both conducting a subject study on your own and refining your writing skills. It’s not a big secret that some students get into trouble with their assignments because they can’t generate engaging topics for research papers or find enough background information to proceed from. If you are eager to avoid miswriting even easy research paper topics in the future, you might be reminded of how to write a research paper.

What Does a Good Research Paper Consist of?

It’s a scientific paper in which you provide supportive arguments and facts on an issue after its in-depth investigation. A researcher's goal is to analyze the existing information, research, analyze outcomes, and explain why your discovery is important for this field and humans. 

The experienced researchers prefer to stick to one golden rule, “The more interesting research topics are, the simpler is a writing process.” So, take your time and think of picking up the most exciting topics for research papers, as this step is significant in the writing process. 

Think carefully about what subject you would like to investigate deeply. What questions arouse your interest? How can you present the material without making your research dull? Do you have enough data and facts to base your reflections?

Go over both paper and online sources of information to be sure you have a lot to choose from. Don’t hesitate to look at vloggers’ content as a lot of them followed the idea, “Nobody can write my research paper better than me,” created appropriate tutorials.

3 Types of Research Questions

Before you start writing your paper from scratch, draw your attention to the types of research paper questions. There are 3 of them:

Descriptive. Such research papers target to describe what event is going on or what phenomenon exists. It can include public opinion polls held to find out the number of people who have different points of view that are initially descriptive in nature.
Comparative. This kind of paper could also be called relational. A study is conducted to see similarities and differences between two or more options. For example, how many men and women will vote for Candidate 1 and Candidate 2 in the election. The aim is to get to know the interconnection between gender and political preferences.
Casual. This research is done when we want to learn if one or more entities impact one or more resulting features. For example, we want to determine if a political campaign has changed the voters’ opinion who was ready to vote for Candidate 1 and Candidate 2. 

Good Research Paper Topic Ideas

Do you want to stop procrastinating to write your research paper because you can’t pick up the right topic? You came to the right platform. If you have already exhausted your stock of topics, we are glad to share the best research paper topics which will help you succeed in research project writing.

History Research Paper Topics 

Does history really repeat? Do historical events have a great role in our days, or we chew on the things from 100 years ago that do not really matter? Conducting a study on the following topics might answer the questions you have.

  1. Gender Roles in England of 18th Century
  2. Consequences of Chernobyl Explosion
  3. Naval Battle of Britain and Spain
  4. Role of Angela Davis in African-American History
  5. Reasons for the Russian Revolution
  6. Life After Hiroshima and Nagasaki Events
  7. Wars of the Roses
  8. The French Revolution
  9.  The Assassination of John F. Kennedy
  10.  Gladiator Games in Ancient Rome

Sociology Research Paper Topics 

Social issues affect all people directly or indirectly. There is a wide range of both urgent social problems and those that we couldn’t even think of their significance. The social area is flexible, so you can always come up with fresh ideas to research.

  1. Reasons for Teenagers’ Deviant Behavior
  2. Bias in the Present-Day Society: Where Do They Come From?
  3. Basic Principles of Female Emancipation
  4. Pros and Cons of Having an Idol for the Young Generation
  5. How to Fight With Cyberbullying?
  6. Why Do We Need Social Support?
  7. Development Soft Skills Through Messengers
  8. Fraud Prevention Online
  9. Importance of Sexual Education for Teenagers
  10.  Racial Issues in the Current World
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Psychology Research Paper Topics 

When it comes to psychological issues, it isn't enough to get a superficial look. We always try to understand the hidden motives. If you are fond of psychological literature, you will find such exploration exciting. Here we have some topic examples you may consider to research thoroughly.

  1. Social Anxiety and Its Effect on People
  2. Ways to Avoid Social Discrimination
  3. Phobias
  4. Panic Attacks and Their Influence on Health
  5. What Is Cognitive Psychology?
  6. What Causes Suicidal Thoughts?
  7. How to Deal With Paranoia?
  8. Insomnia as a Result for Psychological Problem
  9. Psychological Aspects of Adoption
  10.  Social Media as a Cause of Adolescence Violence
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Sports Research Paper Topics 

Sports is not just a set of exercises we are used to mentioning while talking about sports events. If we dig a little deeper into the issue essence, we will see components without which sports wouldn’t be like this.

  1. Types of Sports Injuries in Team Games
  2. Psychological Recovery After Losing
  3. Why Is Professional Sport Dangerous?
  4. Cooperation of Psychologists and Coaches
  5. Importance of Sport Nutrition
  6. Top 5 Prominent Athletes Who Lost Their Careers Due to Doping
  7. Football as a Big Business
  8. The National Games of the People's Republic of China
  9. Development of Golf
  10.  Sports in the Royal Families
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Business Topics For Research Paper

The business sphere attracts many people by a bunch of good chances to prove yourself as a worthy leader, help develop our community, and become independent of someone else. If you have not decided whether a business field is your strong point, we offer you a few topics to reach a conclusion.

  1. How to Develop Interpersonal Business Relationships?
  2. Influence of Data Privacy Laws on Business Operations
  3. Philosophical Approach to Business Ethics
  4. Issues That Should Be Avoided to Discuss in Business
  5. Secrets of Business Negotiations
  6. Key Points of Business Communication
  7. Methods of Management in Business
  8. Development of Investment Strategies in the Up-to-Date Business World
  9. Development of Small Businesses in the Situations of Pandemics
  10.  History of Online Business Development

Nursing Research Paper Topics

We are used to wishing to stay healthy on birthdays as we know that life and health are precious things in the world. Whether you are going to become a doctor or you just need to learn how to take care of your body and health, our topics will come in handy.

  1. Causes of Migraine in Adults
  2. Child’s Dental Hygiene 
  3. How to Protect Yourself From Breast' Cancer
  4. Sleep Disorders in Kids: Ways to Treat Them
  5. Male Alcohol Addictions: How to Deal With It
  6. Recovery Methods After Psychological Traumas
  7. Ways to Prevent Stress in Medical Staff
  8. Obesity: Forming Healthy Eating Habits
  9. Safety Rules for Pregnant Women
  10.   HIV-Denialism: Does It Still Exist?

Chemistry Research Paper Topics

Knowledge of chemistry is necessary to develop chemical products and improve people's quality of life. Competent use of chemical skills allows humanity to solve our time — food, energy, environmental, medical, etc. Picking up on our topics might prove that chemistry is not as boring as you used to think.

  1. Amino Acids and Their Overall Impact on Health
  2. How Do Pesticides Damage the Soil?
  3. Development of Generic Drugs
  4. What Is a pH Test?
  5. Role of Pheromones on Human Senses
  6. Is Radon Really a Noble Gas?
  7. Reasons for Chemical Reactions Failed
  8. Usage Silicon in Cosmetic Surgery: Pros and Cons?
  9. Chemistry Improves the World: Myth or Reality?
  10.  Effect of Antioxidants on Human Beings

Biology Research Paper Topics 

Biology is the science of everything living in our world. It provides insight into how different organisms exist and interact. It allows us to understand how diverse life forms are. In addition, this science covers other areas of research that are related to the ecosystem and medicines.

  1. Moral Aspect of Cloning
  2. Genetic Grounds for Depression
  3. Hormonal Changes Throughout the Life
  4. Role of Melatonin in the Human Body
  5. How Do Environmental Changes Influence People’s Health?
  6. Transplantation Controversy Issue
  7. Photosynthesis Functions in Nature 
  8. Weather Effect on Sleep Cycles
  9. Shocked Discoveries of Molecular Biology in the Last 10 Years
  10.   How Do Physical Exercises Improve Our Metabolism?
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Science Research Paper Topics

Science has a dozen unknown things, and people have always strived to discover something new. You might become one of the young scientists who will move forward in some vital research. Choosing a catchy topic is just one step in it.

  1.  Development of Antiviral Vaccines 
  2.  Differences of Flu Virus From Year to Year
  3. Causes of the Asteroid Belt Emergence
  4.  What Is “Space Junk”?
  5. Importance of “Dark Matter”
  6. Possibility of Existing Human Being on Another Planet
  7. Sports Impact on DNA Traits
  8. Evolution of Viruses 
  9. When Will We Be Able to Live in Space?
  10.  The Sunspots Impact on Earth

Religion Research Paper Topics

Most people prefer not to discuss religious topics as they could concern controversial issues. But considering a problem that raises interest in your peers, you may clear up a particular question once for all. To do it, you may decide on the topic from our list or create your own exciting one.

  1. Appropriate Age for Reading the Bible: Opinions of Religious People
  2. The Concept of Soul in Religion
  3. Nations Having No-God Religions
  4. History of Islam
  5.  Why Is Terrorism Associated With Islamic Countries?
  6. Why Is Christmas Important for Christians?
  7. Gender Roles in Religious Issues
  8. Shamanism in the Present World
  9. Paganism in the Modern Society
  10.  Goddesses in Ancient Greek Myths

Music Research Paper Topics

Music is the power that magically influences us. It inspires us on incredible things, heals us when we feel oppressed, gives food for thought, and even changes our lives for the better.  Contributing something new to the theory of music could also be very significant.

  1. Impact of Music Therapy on Human Brain
  2. Musical Commercials 
  3. Famous Composers of All the Time
  4. Kinds of Music in the USA
  5. Bob Marley as the Father of Reggae
  6. Women in Music
  7. How Does Music Help to Educate Children?
  8. Learning a Language Through Music
  9. Music in Ancient Times
  10.  The Map of Music