How to Make an Essay Longer Without Breaking The Rules?

How to Make an Essay Longer [2023 Update]


Modern Essay Writing Issues

Essay writing is a scary nightmare for millions of young students all over the world. Some students hate writing essays because it is difficult to write a long text on the topic given by a teacher. If you are not an expert on this topic, it becomes more difficult to write it with all the researches. Moreover, teachers usually give strict requirements, including the structure of the essay, word or page count, and font size. These requirements are serious troubles for students in completing their assignments because the process of writing becomes more complicated.

In trying to keep with a required word or page count, students usually look for tips on how to make essays longer. We at have researched this question, so after reading this article, you will know how to make your paper longer.

Before We Start

First of all, we must warn you about the possible risks. Think twice before using all the risky tricks you have found on the Internet to make essay longer. Many of them do not meet the academic requirements or can be restricted to use. You can also make the situation worse by using unnecessary words or phrases which are not related to the topic of your essay, so be attentive to the details and make sure you followed all the rules and requirements. 

How To Make Essays Longer: Useful Advice

Here we are going to tell you about a few ways to make a paper longer. To begin with, we recommend you to think twice about the main topic of your essay. Do research to find as many details as possible. It will be easier to write a successful essay if you are an expert on the topic.

After you find out all the details about the issue, you should write a plan. Think about the paragraphs and points you want to include and write a short outline. Follow this simple rule, and it will be easier to keep the necessary structure and write the paragraphs in the right order. What is more, it will help you not to forget some crucial points. 

You should justify every point with a detailed description to make your essay seem longer. Firstly, this step will make your essay look more convincing. Secondly, it’s an excellent opportunity to increase the number of words or pages without violating the requirements.

Don’t forget to add examples to the points you are writing. It will also help to justify your point of view as well as show that you researched the topic well to prepare your essay. You can use historical, economic, or any other type of example you want, but make sure it is necessary.

If you don’t know how to lengthen a paper, you can also use quotes and make your text brighter. It is a good trick to underline an important point. However, do not overuse quotes. Adding Shakespeare’s quote into your biology essay may be a bad idea.

In addition to this, you can write something like a short conclusion in some paragraphs. You can add an outline, so this will help you to make your essay look longer. And do not forget to write a conclusion at the end of the whole text. Surely you have to do your best to make it as detailed as possible. 

Our writers recommend to reread your essay and revise it after you finish. It is a necessary self-check, and it helps to find mistakes. Do this to recall and add some additional points or paragraphs to your essay to make it longer.

All these useful tips will help you out. Now you know how to make essay longer without any risks!

How To Make Your Essay Seem Longer: Legal Tricks

We decided to share some tricks to show you how to make your paper look longer. Think about adding a header or footer to your essay. Surf the net to learn more about headers and footers and the information you can add there. 

If it is hard for you to write a long essay and you need some extra words there, you should avoid contractions. Replace such words as “don’t” and “can’t” with “ do not” and “cannot” to save your essay. The benefit of these tricks is the fact that it is grammatically correct and legal.

You should spell out numbers. Writing “fourteen” instead of “14” will help you to write a longer text. You can use all these tricks to win the battle against the word counter.

How To Make Your Paper Look Longer: Risky Tricks

You may found some of these risky tips on making your essay longer, but we do not recommend using them. Sometimes students make the spacing larger or expand spacing between the characters and wait to get a good mark.

Don’t think that raising the font size will help you as well as making dots and commas larger, or the margins bigger. We are sure it is a real trap for the students. Firstly, you will violate the rules and requirements the teacher gave you by doing these risky tricks. Secondly, we all know that the teacher is smart too, so be sure they will find all the double spacings and other attempts to cheat! As a result, you will get a poor grade and the teacher’s disrespect. However, you can buy an essay online and get the highest scores in a class with no effort. Is To Save You From Failing Your Essay is a trusted essay writing service that will help you to cope with all these writing issues. If you ask, “Who can correct my essay?” the answer will be unambiguous! Using means that our high-grade writers with rich experience will assist you at any phase of writing your essay from the very beginning to the final revision. We provide students with excellently written papers only on time. You will never use any of those tricks to make your essay longer because we will complete it strictly according to the academic requirements. You are welcome to ask for help 24/7, and our support team will solve your problems in no time! Discover the best prompts on how to write an informative essay shared by writing experts.