Excuses For Not Doing Your Homework

Excuses For not Doing Homework - What to Do to Get an A

Excuses for not Doing Homework. Everybody Should Know Them 

No matter whether you are an excellent student or a lazy-bones, you may get into a situation when it is time to send your essay to a teacher, but it is not done. It doesn’t happen only with those who procrastinate on writing assignments or simply don’t do them because, well, just because he or she is not in a good mood. Even the best of the best, the favorite teacher students may also get into such an unpleasant situation. 

How is that possible at all? We are all humans, and nobody is protected from making a mistake. You could simply forget about that essay or your dog actually ate it, though nobody would believe it. And if you just tell your teacher “You know, I wrote my essay, honestly. I completed it three days ago, but yesterday my stupid dog ate it” Forget about such excuses for not doing homework, even if it is true. It was used so many times that nobody would ever believe you. You need to come up with something more persuasive, something that would be sound like the truth. You need really good excuses for not doing your homework, so even the most strict teacher condescends to your request of prolonging the deadline and gave you a second chance to do your assignment a bit later. 

Top List of the Best Homework Excuses 

Let’s leave behind all possible reasons why you didn’t do your essay on-time. In a few hours or maybe tomorrow, you will meet your teacher, the executor of your grades. And you need to come up with a good excuse that deprives you from your teacher’s contemptuous sight and he or she finally will show mercy upon you. So, long story short, here is the list of good excuses for not doing homework. 

  1. Your bag was stolen. On the road to school, somebody has stolen your bag. You lost everything from your wallet, gadgets to the hard copy of your essay. Of course, you have it on your laptop and will bring it tomorrow. This way, your teacher understands that you have much more bigger problem now. You gain at least one extra day to do your assignment!
  2. Your computer crashed, and the essay was on the hard disk, so you could bring it today. You can say that your little brother/sister or roommate used your computer yesterday, and today it doesn’t work. It seems that there is a kind of virus. You contacted the service, and they promised to fix everything within two days. Congratulations, you got two more days!
  3. Granny was ill. Your lovely granny (grandpa, aunt, or smb else, preferably senior) got sick on weekends. You couldn’t be outside and paid a visit to her. Family above all! Yes, you missed the deadline, and you admit that’s only your fault, but you couldn’t act otherwise. So, you are asking just for a few extra days to finish your mercy. Only the heartless teacher will deny your request.   
  4. Power cut off. That’s probably one of the best reasons for not doing homework. You are not responsible for what happened and could do absolutely nothing. The charge that your laptop had wasn’t enough to finish your assignment. Just make sure that your teacher doesn’t live in your neighborhood or your little lie will be discovered. 
  5. The house was on fire. Well, it is not necessary to make up the stories about the fire, but a little flood or another domestic cataclysm can work. So, instead of doing your homework, you were saving your kitchen from water till late midnight. By the way, discover dozens of funny and true-to-life homework memes to boost your mood anytime. 

The Excuses For not Doing Homework Have Worked, but What’s Next?

So, you used one of the excuses above and it worked. Your teacher believed you or at least pretended he/she believing you, and gave you a second chance. Nevertheless, it doesn’t always mean that you get one more week to complete your assignment. Some strict teachers may say “Ok, things happen, but I expect to see your essay tomorrow.” You won the battle, but not the war. And if you need your assignment to be done in less than in a day, and it is, for example, a 6-page essay, then you just have delayed the inevitable. 

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