Argumentative Essay Topics & Ideas

Best Argumentative Essay Topics [2023 Update]

There probably cannot be a more interesting and exciting assignment than argumentative essay writing. Many of you will disagree wondering what can be amazing about doing homework and how that can be interesting at all. A reasonable statement, indeed, but only as long as you don’t see the biggest advantage of this type of paper. However, you are missing a secret that will allow you to always complete this task correctly and get a high grade. And the point is that it is impossible to write an argumentative assignment in the wrong way. Whatever position you select, whatever opinion you have, it still can be justified in your paper. There are no right or wrong answers in this assignment as far as you support your argumentative topic with strong pieces of evidence. So, it doesn’t matter what you write, what matters is your arguments. If you can persuade that your position is correct, consider that you have already coped with a task. 

Another, even greater, advantage is the huge range of interesting argumentative essay topics. The variety of themes is very impressive, and you are not limited by some boring or too scientific researches which causes nothing but boredom and kill the seeds of enthusiasm for writing academic work. Still don’t believe? You cannot imagine that topics for an argumentative essay can cause genuine interest? Maybe, you simply always found the bad ones. To prove to you that argumentative essay topics can be interesting and cause the desire to study, we have prepared a list of 100 argumentative essay topics for college. That has to convince you that doing homework is not so boring because the ideas on the list are even very funny and unordinary. Your assignment will impress not only your professor but even your peers. Now, I can get professional help and expert writers who can do my homework for me in no time.  So, go on and pick a good one for your writing.

Selecting a Topic

Before you dive into our list of argumentative essay topics for college, you should understand some basic principles to utilize when choosing a topic for your argumentative paper. First of all, quite obviously, y should be interested enough in the chosen topic, because you will need to spend some time researching it, writing, editing, and proofreading your essay. It also has to be something you are sure you can bring solid arguments to defend. It’s no good picking a topic you can’t handle. Finally, consider your audience as it will influence your whole approach towards a selected topic. Choose a subject you feel they can get on board with your position on and think of the best arguments to achieve that. Now, keep those things in mind, as you will have to think about them more thoroughly once you have selected something from our argumentative research topics list.

Modern Technologies

This is probably the most up-to-date topic for disputes. It is an endless pool of interesting, controversial, and even ethical issues for discussion. Choosing a topic from this category will be a great start if it is your first experience in working on an argumentative essay.
  1. How have modern technologies changed the lives of people over the last centuries?
  2. What are the negative and positive outcomes of modern technologies?
  3. What are the most useless modern technologies?
  4. Are all modern technologies necessary and bring only positive changes?
  5. Do gadgets make people more addicted to technologies?
  6. Why cannot people live a day without a smartphone?
  7. Is artificial intelligence a real threat?
  8. Can video games be useful or is it only a pleasant pastime?
  9. Will people use robots as personal servants in the nearest future?
  10. Why are people so dependant on technologies?

Topics about Food

Do you like food? What cuisine is the best in your opinion? Would you like to prove to others that you know in what countries the most delicious dishes are cooked? Or maybe, you want to dig deeper into the ethical side of food and raise such serious issues as obesity or damage that snacks cause to children’s health? Check the list below and find the argumentative essay ideas that will inspire you to do research.
  1. What food is tastier, homemade or a fast food one?
  2. Should children avoid eating snacks until the age of 12?
  3. Are soft drinks dangerous?
  4. How many soda drinks should kids have per day?
  5. Is there any difference between various fast-food restaurants?
  6. Boiled food is healthier than fried ones.
  7. How much water should people drink a day?
  8. Do energy drinks give energy?
  9. Is pizza a snack?
  10. Can people be healthy without eating a meal?

General Topics

Looking for more ordinary topics for your analysis? Do you want to discuss some simple and common things which refer to all of us? We have a list of such topics as well. Television, social networks, movies, everything that we use in our everyday life. Why not write about something that you see from day today?
  1. What is better, Twitter or Facebook?
  2. What food is tastier, pizza or hamburger?
  3. The most famous actor of all times
  4. The most underestimated movie
  5. Why do TV series become more popular nowadays?
  6. Why are people so dependant on social networks?
  7. The best pet
  8. Will ebooks replace paper books?
  9. Does talent help to achieve greater success?
  10. What are the most required specialists today?

Topics about Teenagers

Modern problems of modern teenagers, what can be a more interesting topic for analysis? This list of college argumentative essay topics will not leave you indifferent. Do you want to stand for some rights that all teenagers would like to have equal to adults? Or maybe, you are more interested in the discussion of the teenagers’ motives and eager to contemplate about trends which only teenagers follow? Here is a list for your consideration.
  1. Are teenagers more dependant on gadgets than any other age group?
  2. Should teenagers be allowed to drink alcohol earlier?
  3. At what age is it acceptable for teenagers to have sex?
  4. Why do teenagers watch pornography?
  5. Why cannot teenagers live a day without a smartphone?
  6. Should teenagers work during the summer holidays?
  7. At what age should parents stop giving teenagers pocket money?
  8. Why do teenagers spend so much time playing online games?
  9. Are teenagers more affected by bad habits?
  10. Why do teenagers skip school more often than kids?

Social Media Topics

How does social media change us unless you consider that it has no such influence on people at all? Which side would like to join? Remember, there is no right answer, so whatever position you decide to defend, your point will be credible.
  1. Social networks make people more communicative and open
  2. Internet smashes boundaries between nations
  3. Nudity in social networks
  4. Why do people photoshop their photos?
  5. How do standards of beauty affect people’s perception of beauty?
  6. Do people spend too much time on social networks in vain?
  7. Does social media create a false image of life?
  8. Should people accept social media profiles as a life guide?
  9. Does social media change the way we communicate?
  10. Could people live without social media today?

Sports Topics

Another popular theme for disputes. Today, sports are probably experiencing the best times. The interest in physical activities increases every year. More and more young people become involved in doing sports. But what lies beneath it all? Is it just a trend of being sporty or have large corporations decided to get more revenue in this way propagandizing a healthy way of life and selling sports equipment? There is lot that one can discuss here, check the topics if sports is what you would like to research. 
  1. Does sport always mean physical activity?
  2. Can computer games be considered a sport?
  3. Can one be a successful athlete without steroids?
  4. Why do sports teams not consist of women and men?
  5. Why is soccer one of the most popular sports games in the world today?
  6. Why should people do sports?
  7. Should people do sports to be healthy or do they need to be fit to do sports?
  8. Is golf a sport?
  9. What is more necessary to become a good athlete, to have the talent or a tough coach?
  10. What sports games can be considered neither a sport nor a game?

Environment Topics

Environmental problems concern all people on Earth. No one can deny that it is a very serious field for research and analysis, or maybe you have a different opinion? Are all those climate changes as dangerous as the television says? We have gathered the best argumentative essay topics on that issue. Look through the list and select the one that catches your attention.
  1. Why have people become so concerned about the state of the environment today?
  2. How to make people change their behavior to protect the environment
  3. What are the main causes of air pollution?
  4. What country causes the biggest damage to the environment?
  5. Are the current environmental protection strategies effective?
  6. What are the main reasons for global warming?
  7. Why do glaciers melt?
  8. Are cars the primary source of CO2 pollution?
  9. Should people give up on petrol cars and give preference to electric vehicles?
  10. Is there a connection between environmental problems and species extinction?

Art Topics

Are you tired of politics, trends, fashion, and global problems? Do you want to talk about something beautiful and simple, but at the same time deep and emotional? Art is what you need. Music, movies, pictures, that is only a brief list of possible ideas for discussion. Find something interesting to write about in the list of topics that we have prepared for you below.
  1. Are the most popular movies the best?
  2. How does fashion affect art?
  3. What is art and what is not art?
  4. Is music art?
  5. Why are some amateur films better than expensive professional ones?
  6. Should movies contain explicit nudity scenes?
  7. Is graffiti an art form or an act of vandalism?
  8. What genre of music is difficult to call music?
  9. Is racism a common phenomenon in the film industry?
  10. Are there any signs of sexism in modern films?

Study Topics

Yes, that may sound a bit controversial, but why not write about studies? Are you satisfied with your education in school? What would you like to change there? We believe there is a lot that every student would like to argue about regarding modern approaches to the study process. That’s why this list of argumentative essay topics for college students will not leave you indifferent.
  1. Is bullying still an acute problem for students?
  2. How to do all homework on time
  3. What should students know before choosing a college?
  4. What things to take to college
  5. Can a teacher and a student be friends?
  6. Is distant learning effective?
  7. Do excellent grades always mean a high level of intelligence?
  8. Can a student be a great athlete and have high grades at the same time?
  9. How do sports affect study?
  10. What is the best time for learning?

Other Topics

On this list, we have put topics of absolutely different spheres of life and fields of work. Since you have scrolled down to this section, then you are probably interested in something more unordinary. We hope that on this list you will finally find what hooks your curiosity and write your perfect argumentative essay.
  1. Why is it so important for people to get married?
  2. What is the best religion to follow?
  3. What is the role of sleep?
  4. What are the causes of sexual harassment in the workplace?
  5. Is it unethical not to have children?
  6. At what age do children become adults?
  7. How many friends may a person have?
  8. Does a friendship between a man and a woman exist?
  9. What are the dangers of fast food?
  10. Why is racism not acceptable?

What to Do When You Have Selected a Topic?

Once you have finished selecting good argument essay topics and could finally pick the best one, you have to deal with another issue. How do you write a good paper on the chosen topic? As always, there are a few options. The most obvious one is to write the assignment alone. But let’s be honest, not all students are good at writing, not everyone has plenty of time to write a task well, and finally, not all students always have a great desire to spend a lot of time on writing yet another essay.

The second option will not require doing any of the things mentioned above. You will not need to spend time or have great skills to create a perfect assignment. All you need to do is to get assistance from true academic professionals on So, why is it a good idea to hire experts to work on your argumentative essay topics?

There are three reasons:

1. Academic writers

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3. Great result

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Which option is the best is for you to decide, but keep in mind that choosing a good topic for your assignment is half the battle, the other half is to write the paper well and in accordance with the deadline. Discover the list of the most brilliant and up-to-date persuasive essay topics for writing a successful academic paper. 

Final Steps

Whether you end up writing your essay yourself or call for our help to do your assignment on one of those exciting and funny argumentative essay topics, you should read the completed work carefully. Surely, it’s easier if you order a paper from us, as we will provide you with a well-written essay that has been proofread already. However, you might learn a few things from reading it yourself. Besides, we want to make sure you are completely satisfied with the results, so you can always ask us to fix or explain anything you may not agree with within your work. We are as interested in delivering you a perfect argumentative paper as you are, so choose the topic and decide what you want to do with it after that.